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Do you have Talent and Beauty? [entries|friends|calendar]
Do you have Talent and Beauty?

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[[November 30th, 2005] [16h 01]]


Name: pat-a-bear
Age: 27
Location: Kentucky
Gender: Female

Music: my own stuff. i play guitar.
Movies: Edward Scissorhand. his hair reminds me of mine at times.
Odd hobbies, collection, obsession that makes you different: hmm... oh, i collect bottles of Jack Danniels... just jack daniels. don't ask.
What you can't live without: my guitar. I've had it forever.
Anything you want to share: i'm not doing my homework. hee hee.

I'm giving you a place to promote your community right here. If you do promote here, please promote this community too.

Any tips to improve this community? um you might want to check your basic grammar on the application.

What's your talent (music, thespian, art, genius layout designer, ect.): i can play the guitar really well. I can also crochet little toys!
Show and Tell Talent (if you can't show, describe it):  Ack, my head looks really big in that picture :(  

tada little toys  

How long have you been doing this: i've been playing the guitar forever. literally. Making little toys is fairly recent.
Share a tip for others to with similar talent to improve: use bobby pins to keep your place when crotching. it makes everything so much better.
Let's see what you look like. Point out which one you are and do NOT post more than 8 pictures.

  halloween picture and the magic of hairspray.

 ahem, i'm the one holding the fish. This is me with defrizzed hair.

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here's some DIY pictures [[November 29th, 2005] [19h 32]]

[ mood | artistic ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That's my cow purse

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
My skirt and the details... even though I already posted this. I made another one, but i don't have pictures of it so blah.

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maybe... [[November 17th, 2005] [13h 05]]

so most of my promotions doesn't seem to be getting any response. How about we try to be sister communites to other rating communities? I know Sushi is in a lot of communites, so could you go ask? I'll try on the communites i'm in and blah blah blah.

hmm i think we need a point system. I'll make one up soon.
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Yey [[November 9th, 2005] [07h 22]]
[ mood | amused ]

Sammy is here to make your lives miserable :D ♥

What can I do to help?

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PROMOTIONAL BANNERS [[October 23rd, 2005] [19h 19]]


All promo banners will be listed here. If you have made any, please comment here with the URL(s) of the banners and I'll add them to this list!


Promotional Banners.Collapse )
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[[October 22nd, 2005] [15h 11]]

Hey guys! Tatsuha has arrived! o.o... Hello! What you guys want me to help on? ^^;
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MOD~ Layout update [[October 20th, 2005] [15h 49]]

[ mood | giggly ]

^___^ Hey everyone~ I just got the layout up. I'll probably start working on the application/themes/etc sometime soon. If I have some more time today I will try to get up some promotional banners.

This layout features the lovely Japanese musician Nakashima Mika. She's pretty cool, yup. XD Hope you guys like it!

- Shou

(to teh Molly: We should probably get up our own applications when we finish making it, ne? ^3^)

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[[October 18th, 2005] [23h 14]]

[ mood | anxious ]

site is brand new... and i have detention, so be patient.

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